About Gigler

What is Gigler?

Gigler is a ground breaking broadband service provider that does things differently. By using Pure Fibre-optic connectivity from one end of our network to the other, we can do things other broadband service providers can’t.

Gigler Fibre will revolutionise how you access the Internet and transform the way you can use the web. Our customers all receive download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second, 100 times faster than the UK average. They can all upload at up to 500 Megabits per second, 200 times faster than the UK average, and enjoy the most responsive home network in the country with average latency of less than 10 milliseconds.

We know that for many, these numbers won’t mean much, but the experience of using Gigler Fibre will mean everything. No more buffering, no more waiting to upload large files, no more lag in your online gaming. Gigler uses the transformational power of Pure Fibre to change the way you use the web forever.

How does it work?

Unlike other broadband service providers, Gigler uses Pure Fibre optic networks to provide an unbeatable broadband service. Many other services claim to be ‘fibre’ but a little digging will show that fibre only makes up part of the network. In a Pure Fibre Network there is no bottleneck like a copper wire or coaxial cable and since it uses light instead of electricity it can deliver gigabit speeds and quality of service no other network can match.

Other networks massively restrict your ability to upload data too. Not with Gigler Fibre. We use the wonders of fibre to give you upload speeds that will leave everyone else in the dust.

What is a Pure Fibre Network?

You may well have heard of Fibre broadband but Pure Fibre is different and much, much better!

In Geek Speak:

Pure Fibre Networks are quite simply the best broadband infrastructure in the world. Fibre uses light-based optical technology. Light travels along a fibre-optic cable in the form of photons, or particles of light. Since fibre relies on beams of light, it’s less susceptible to noise and interference than other data-transfer mediums like copper wires or coax ‘cable’. Unlike these wires and cables that have limited capacity, fibre optics are capable of transmitting billions of digital bits per second.

In plain English:

Many broadband services claim to be ‘fibre’ but a little digging will show that fibre only makes up part of their network. In almost all cases the fibre they use stops in the green street cabinets you see in your street. The actual connection to your home is copper or coax, not fibre.

In a Pure Fibre Network, there is nothing but fibre, 100% pure, unadulterated fibre, so there’s no speed bottleneck like a copper wire or coaxial cable. And since a pure fibre network can use light throughout instead of electricity, it can deliver gigabit speeds and a quality of service no other network can match.

Other networks massively restrict your ability to upload data too. Not with Pure Fibre. Without a copper or coaxial bottleneck, fibre can transmit vast amounts of data upstream as it can downstream, meaning you can upload more photos, videos and files in the blink of an eye.

What is a Gigabit?

If you’re used to hearing about the Megabit when it comes to broadband speeds, it’s simple, the Gigabit is 1000 times bigger and better! Gigler believes the Gig is the future, that’s why we offer all our customers up to 1 Gigabit per second download speeds that are more than 100 times the UK’s average speed!

With a Gig, you can experience the very best of the web. No waiting, no buffering, no jitter just an incredibly and unbeatably fast connection to the things you love online.

If you have a faster speed than the UK average see how much faster Gigler Fibre could be:
Your current speed     How much faster is a Gig?

Your current speed How much faster is a Gig?
10Mbps 100x faster
16Mbps 63.5x faster
30 Mbps 33.3x faster
60 Mbps 16.6x faster
100 Mbps 10x faster

What are the benefits of Gigler Fibre?

Here’s a starter for ten… EVERYTHING!

These are just some of the benefits of getting Gigler Fibre:

  • Faster download speeds: With up to a gigabit per second, 100 times faster than the average UK speed, the rest of the web will struggle to keep up with you. You won’t have to wait for things to buffer; everything will be ready to go when you are. Whether you’re streaming, video chatting, or downloading a movie, you’ll be going faster than almost every home in the country!
  • Faster upload speeds: Gigler Fibre offers up to 500Mbps upload speeds. No matter what you want to upload you’ll have it done in a flash and can spend less time waiting and more time doing the things you want to do.
  • Ultra low latency: Our Pure Fibre Network means that Gigler users average less than 5ms latency (Ping times). This may only interest the boffins amongst us but all you need to know is that if you’re an online gamer, your connection will be more responsive than anyone else you play and so you’ll probably win/shoot more aliens or something.
  • Massive usage bundles: Whether you’re a one-person household, a family of five or uber-geek, we have a package to suit your needs. Even our smallest package offers 80 Gigabytes of usage, twice as much as most entry-level packages from other broadband providers.
  • No need for a landline: Unlike most other providers, we don’t try and squeeze your Internet connection through an old copper landline so that means you don’t need a landline to get our broadband. At the moment we don’t offer calling on Gigler but it’s coming soon. Until then, if you want to keep using your home phone, you’ll have to keep your old landline.

Who can receive it?

At the moment, we can only offer Gigler Fibre to people who’s homes are passed by the Pure Fibre Network in Bournemouth. We will be offering service to almost everyone in Bournemouth once the network is built. Use our availability checker on the homepage to find out if or when you can get Gigler Fibre and be sure to register your interest if the network doesn’t reach you yet.

What if I live outside Bournemouth?

CityFibre is building new network areas all the time. Register your details and maybe your area will be built next.

So what is FibreConnect?

Looking to increase the value of your home or get more rental income? Not ready for faster speeds quite yet?

Gigler’s FibreConnect lets you future-proof your home with a pure fibre connection to your property? For a one-off fee of £250, FibreConnect will get you a connection and a basic 5Mbps service free for 3 years. We’ll also bundle in a fixed line phone service at competitive rates.

A pure fibre connection will add value to your home and even make your home more attractive to prospective tenants. All this at a lower cost of ownership than your current provider for a basic broadband service.

You can decide to upgrade whenever you like to the faster speeds.


Tell me more about the Gigler 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

We are so convinced that you will love your Gigler Fibre Broadband that we give everyone a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your service, you can cancel your contract at any point in the first 6 months. Just let us know why and we will refund your connection fee with no quibbles once we have collected our equipment.

The Gigler Guarantee means you’re safe in the knowledge that you can try out the UK’s finest, fastest broadband service at absolutely no risk. Isn’t that nice?!

Choosing your Gigler Package

Why does Gigler only have one product?

Gigler believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the best possible service regardless of how much you use the web. That’s why we have just one amazing product. We give everyone the same unbeatable speeds; the only thing you need to decide is how much you use it! We’ve made this easy too with three usage packages to choose from.

How do I choose the right package?

We want to keep things simple so that’s why all our usage packages are very generous (even if we do say so ourselves!). In a nutshell it’s easy to choose between them. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the package that’s right for you:


With 80GB of data there is more than enough for one person, two or even more! Browse, watch and play on the fastest service going.

  • 20,000 mp3s (at 4MB per track) or
  • 35 hours of video streaming (600MB/hour) or
  • 13 HD Movies (6GB per film) or
  • 80,000 photos (1MB per photo) or
  • 4000 20MB documents (20MB)


With 250GB of usage there is enough for the whole family to get the most from the web, every day of the week.

  • 62,500 mp3s (at 4MB per track) or
  • 416 hours of video streaming (600MB/hour) or
  • 41 HD Movies (6GB per film) or
  • 250,000 photos (1MB per photo) or
  • 12,500 20MB documents (20MB)


With 1TB of usage our Ultimate package is so big it will keep even the super-users amongst us happy!

  • 250,000 mp3s!
  • 1664 hours of video streaming!(600MB/hour) or
  • 164 HD Movies! (6GB per film) or
  • 1 million photos! (1MB per photo) or
  • 50,000 20MB documents!

What if I use more than my usage allowance?

We want you to make the most of your Gigler Fibre service and not to worry about exceeding your package allowance. We have reduced the risk by giving you generous usage quotas on each of our packages but we do understand that there may be occasions you need more.

Gigler will email you to let you know when you have used 75% of your allowance. If you exceed it before your next billing date we will send you another mail and slow your service down to a much slower speed. All you have to do to start flying is to buy a data bundle to tide you over. The minimum you can buy is 5GB for £5.

As soon as you reach your next billing date you will have access to your full allowance again. If you regularly exceed your usage allowance (you greedy thing you) it may be more cost effective to take a bigger package.

What are your contract lengths?

All Gigler Fibre contracts are currently for an 18-month period.

How will I be billed?

When you make your order we will charge your credit or debit card with the installation fee. As soon as your service has been activated you will be billed pro-rata to the end of that month. Subsequent payments will be taken on the 5th working day of each month.

What happens after I’ve signed up?

After you’ve signed up you will receive two emails, the first containing your Gigler login details along with details of your service. The second email will contain your network authentication PIN. You may need this in the future if you get a new router or plug your computer directly into the ONT.

Can I get IPTV services over Gigler Fibre?

Gigler doesn’t have a TV package but the service is designed to give the best possible experience for any online service. So, if you are an iPlayer watcher, a LoveFilm lover or Netflix fan, Gigler Fibre will let you enjoy the fastest downloads or most seamless streaming possible.

Do I need a phone line to receive Gigler Fibre?

No you do not need a phone line to get our service. We use fibre – its better!

Can I add a phone service to Gigler Fibre?

At the moment Gigler doesn’t offer a phone service. For now we do what we do best and focus on the broadband. With most people owning a mobile phone, we think that many people probably don’t need a landline nowadays. Why not save yourself the line rental and calls by using one of the following ‘all great with Gigler Fibre’ services:

  • Skype
  • Apple Facetime
  • Talk
  • facebook Video Calling

Do you manage traffic?

No, Gigler doesn’t manage traffic. You’ll get the best possible speeds at all times of the day or night.

About Your Installation

How much does the install cost?

A standard installation costs £50. You will be invoiced for this via email and requested to input your payment details prior to your installation date.

When will I be connected?

When you order a Gigler Fibre connection you will be given a choice of install dates. Provided you are in the fibre network area, we should be able to get your service installed within 15 working days.

What happens during the install?

Your installation date:

  • When signing up to receive Gigler services you will choose a provisional installation date.
  • Our ability to connect you on that date is dependent on a survey that is taken at your property in advance. If you have a fully functional fibre connected to your home, you will receive a confirmation email stating that the provisional install date has been confirmed as your actual installation date.
  • If the property does not have a functioning fibre you will be contacted with details of revised available timeslots.

Your install:

  • You will get a reminder email of your installation slot the day before our team arrives.
  • You will have to be at home for us to do the connection, and we will ask you to sign a ‘way-leave’ (a form giving us permission to connect your home).
  • A full installation is likely to take approximately 2 hours.
  • The team will discuss the best route for the fibre to reach your home from the street. This will probably involve some digging but we will put everything back just as we found it.
  • When the fibre has reached the wall of your home, we will attach a small grey box to the wall.
  • One of our install team will then require access to the inside of your home to complete the install.
  • For the internal installation the first thing we do is drill a small hole from the inside to the outside wall to bring the fibre inside. We’ll cover the hole with a small wall box on the interior wall and then we’ll install the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which is about the size of a small paperback book. This will convert the fibre signal into a gigabit Ethernet connection which will then connect to your WiFi router. The WiFi router will enable wired and wireless connectivity to all devices throughout your house.
  • Once this is done the engineer will test your connection and run a speed test to prove you’re up and running and to show you how amazingly fast the Gigler service is.

What equipment will be installed when I connect to Gigler Fibre?

When our engineers come to set up your service they will install four pieces of equipment.

  • External Wall box – Fixed to the outside wall of your home the wall box is a small plastic box where the delicate fibre cable connects to your home.
  • Internal Wall Box – Fixed to the inside of your home the wall box is a small plastic box where the delicate fibre cable connects inside your home (similar in size to the BT master socket).
  • ONT – Short for Optical Network Terminal, this is a device that decodes the data from your fibre and sends it to and your router.
  • Router – All our packages come with a Gigler Fibre performance tested router. Unfortunately, wireless technology hasn’t yet caught up with the speed of Pure Fibre Networks, so to experience the true speed of Gigler Fibre we recommend connecting directly to your router or ONT with an Ethernet cable.

What will the wiring and equipment look like? I don’t want my Fibre installation to affect the aesthetics of my house!

A British person’s home is their castle so we’ll do our best to keep it looking like one. Our devices are as unobtrusive as possible so they don’t overtake your living room. We want you to enjoy Gigler Fibre’s high speeds and great experience, not the wiring or devices. Our installers will go over all the details with you when they arrive to make sure you’re comfortable with exactly what is being installed and where it is going.

How long does the install take?

An installation is likely to take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the ease of connecting your property. In properties with rabid guard dogs, it may take considerably longer!

Do I need to be at home when the installer arrives?

Yes. Most of the work is done outside your home but you will need there to let in our installer to fit the ONT and WiFi router and test the work. You can easily check they are who they say they are as they will show you their Gigler ID and will know the name of the person who ordered the connection.

Can I change my installation date?

If something really important comes up that means you need to change your installation date, please give use as much warning as possible. Contact us on 01202 237 911 and we will find you the earliest alternative date we can.


Do you offer technical support?

Of course! We hope you won’t ever have to use it but we offer free 24 hour phone support at our UK based call centre on 01202 237 911. If you don’t want to call you can email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Help! I don’t think I’m getting a Gig

Gigler gives everyone 1Gbps of download speeds (that’s 1000Mbps). Frustratingly though, 1 Gig is so fast, that much of the rest of the web cant keep up. This means you are unlikely to be able to see a full 1Gbps if you run a speed test.

There are a few things that will reduce your speeds, but none of them are down to your Gigler connection.

  • The speed of the websites you access (this includes speedtest websites which are not designed to test speeds as fast as Gigler Fibre)
  • Your computer’s network card and processor
  • The power of the router you use and whether you’re on WiFi (WiFi can reduce your speeds to 100Mbps).
  • The software on your computer (things like antivirus can slow things right down)

To get the highest possible speeds you need to be plugged into the ONT or router directly by Ethernet cable.

Remember though that even if you aren’t seeing a full Gig, you’ll still be going faster than any other home in the country!

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