Gigler believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the best possible broadband service regardless of how much you use the web. That’s why we have just one unbeatable product.

All this comes as standard

bullet-download Up to 1 Gigabit per second downloads100x faster than the UK’s average speed
bullet-upload Up to 500 megabits per second uploads200x faster than the UK’s average speed
bullet-network Ultra responsive fibre networkaverage pingtimes of less than 10ms

Choose a usage package

We give everyone the same incredible speeds, the only thing you need to decide is how much you use it! We’ve made this easy too with three simple packages to choose from.


With 80GB of data there is more than enough for one person, two or more! Browse, watch and play on the fastest service going.


With 250GB of usage there is enough for the whole family to get the most from the web, every day of the week.


With 1TB of usage our Ultimate package is so big it will keep even the super-users amongst us happy!


Find out more about Gigler’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Check Availability

Gigler Fibre is currently only available in Bournemouth.

If you live or work in Bournemouth, enter your postcode to see if you can get Gigler Packages.

Pure Fibre Network

Gigler Fibre works on a Pure Fibre Network, which means it’s 100% fibre all the way directly into your home.

No copper, no old technology, just 100% pure fibre! Only Pure Fibre can deliver speeds 100x times faster than the UK average.

No Excess Charges on Gigler

Both our business packages offer huge data limits (5x and 10x that of most other business services) but we promise that you won’t be charged if you exceed that usage limit. If you do reach your limit we will simply slow down your service. To get back up to full speed, just buy a bolt-on data bundle or upgrade to Business Pro. Easy!


Get More Done

Gigler Business broadband will let you spend more time working and less time waiting. Download or upload even the largest documents in a flash.


Built For The Cloud

Cloud computing shouldn’t have to be painful. With Gigler Business your files will upload and download from the cloud in an instant.


Always Full Speed

With Gigler, your business doesn’t need to worry about broadband speeds at peak times. With a pure fibre network your service will never slow you down.

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