Pricing Policy

Connection charge:

  • £50.00 – this one-off fee will be charged to your account when you agree to receive services from us, and it relates to the cost to us of connecting your home to our network and installing equipment to provide service.

Monthly recurring charge (cl. 5.2):

  • £25: Essential – 80GB per month usage package
  • £35: Family – 250GB per month usage package
  • £50: Ultimate – 1000GB per month usage package

(subject to our Fair and Acceptable Use Policy)

Minimum Period:

  • 18 months from date of activation.

Cancellation charge for cancelling during cooling off period:

  • You will not be charged anything for cancelling during the cooling off period. This runs for 14 days from when you order the services, or until 3pm on the day before your scheduled installation date (whichever is the earliest).

Abortive visit charge:

  • £100.00: this will be charged to your account if you are not at the property at the scheduled installation time, or if we are called out to repair a fault and our engineer finds that there was no fault with our network or equipment.

Data top up charges (cl. 3.3):

  • £5 per 5GB boost: we will do our best to let you know when you have reached 75% of the usage limit you have subscribed for. You can then choose to increase the usage limit by a further 5GB for that month for a one-off fee of £5.00. Alternatively, you could upgrade to the next package up and we would amend your billing details to charge you the monthly recurring charge for that higher package going forwards.

Early termination charge (cl. 3.1, 5.6 & 6.1):

  • we will let you know exactly how much this will be if you notify us that you wish to cancel the service during the 18-month minimum period, or if we notify you that we are bringing your use of the service to an end due to your breach of the terms.
  • the early termination charge will reflect your monthly recurring charge, multiplied by the number of months remaining of the minimum period, minus some of the charges we would otherwise have had to pay to provide you with the service. If you qualify for the ‘6 months Quibble Free Guarantee’, we will waive the early termination charge if you cancel during the first 6 months after your service has been activated (subject to terms – see clause 6.2 of the Terms and Conditons).

Purchase of equipment fee:

  • we will let you know how much this will be, and this will be payable if your service comes to an end for any reason and you do not return to us as requested the wireless router and data cable we provided to you when your service was activated.

Repair of equipment fee where damage is caused by you:

  • if you report any equipment we supply to you as faulty or damaged, and we find that the fault or damage has been caused by you, we may charge you a fee for the cost of inspecting, diagnosing and repairing the damage.
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