Don’t believe the hype?

Well don’t just listen to us. Listen to our customers!

Here our customers explain how a gigabit service has transformed how they use broadband and how it could change your life online.

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Alan L. (Gigler Customer)

Alan explains how a Gigler connection has transformed his online experience. That’s what happens when you jump from 17Mb to 983Mb!

Barbi D. (Gigler Customer)

Barbi is a student at Bournemouth University. She describes how Gigler is helping her work and play with its Pure Fibre Connection.

Gigabit Speeds Transform 644 Print’s Productivity

Bournemouth printers, 644 Print, has transformed its productivity and efficiency, thanks to a Gigabit-speed broadband service from Gigler delivered over CityFibre’s 100% pure fibre network.

LV=Streetwise Joins the Fibre Revolution in Bournemouth

Bournemouth based safety education charity, LV=Streetwise, is joining the growing number of happy customers enjoying Gigabit speed broadband over the UK’s largest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network thanks to network owner CityFibre and its service provider Gigler.

Jeremy (Installations Engineer)

Jeremy is one of our installers. He’s probably connected more people to pure fibre than anyone else we know (except his fellow installer Matt!). Here he explains what happens in a simple Gigler install.

Craig (Gigler Network Operations)

Craig is the kind of guy you want managing Gigler’s network operations! Here he explains why Gigler might just be too fast for you! Not a bad problem to have right?


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