Introducing A Completely New Internet Experience

Broadband services like Gigler can only be delivered over a Pure Fibre Network. That means there is nothing but fibre in the network; 100% pure, unadulterated fibre, so there’s no speed bottleneck or things to get in the way of a perfect service.

So why should you care?

For loads of reasons! Pure Fibre will revolutionise your entire Internet experience making it not just faster but better in every way. Here are some of the things it can do for you:

Incredibly Fast Downloads

Pure Fibre connectivity means you will never have to worry about speeds again. With up to 1 Gigabit per second download speeds for every user, there will never be something you can’t do because of your bandwidth, regardless of how many people or devices are connected.

Fibre puts an end to the bandwidth arms race. Gigler wins – period!

Jet-Powered File Uploads

The way we use the web is changing, and fast. People are uploading content to the Internet more than ever before. Whether it’s your videos to YouTube, photos to Facebook or files to the office, Pure Fibre provides all the grunt you need to have it done in a flash. In a nutshell, you can spend less time watching a progress bar and more time doing the things you love online.

Unbeatable Gaming Experience

If you’re an online gamer, you will regularly be pushing your broadband connection to the max (and probably past it!). If you have noticed lag playing Call of Duty or jitter playing Mass Effect 3 and slipped down the rankings as a result, Fibre will have you back at the top. With an ultra-low latency connection you’ll have an advantage over the best players in the world!

Perfect For Connecting Loads of Devices

If you’re anything like us, you probably have loads of devices connected to your broadband at a time. Go on, count them! That’s phones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, games consoles and even radios. When did that happen? Well all of these are using up chunks of bandwidth and before you know it Dad can’t stream the football while Billy’s getting thrashed by a South-Korean mercenary upstairs.

Fibre puts an end to this growing problem. With such a massive amount of bandwidth, everyone could stream HD content, upload photos and game to their heart’s content without affecting anyone else. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

Full Speed Even At Peak Times

You’ve probably noticed that the times you most want to watch TV or a film online is the time your broadband speed drops. Well that’s because that’s what everyone else is doing too! It’s a bit like when everyone used to go and make a cuppa when the ad-break was on and the National Grid would fall over!
Well, say it with us….

”Not with Fibre!”

Pure Fibre connectivity provides soooo much bandwidth that regardless what one neighbour is downloading or another is watching online when you are, your Internet experience won’t suffer.

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We Don’t Believe In ‘Average’

Download – 100x UK Average Speed
Upload – 200x UK Average Speed
Latency – Waaay Faster Than Average!

That’s why we’re better than average…
So much better!

What Is A Gigabit?

We want to introduce you to the Gigabit. If you’re used to hearing about the Megabit when it comes to broadband speeds, it’s simple, the Gigabit is 1000 times better!

Gigler offers all our customers up to 1 Gigabit per second download speeds that are more than 100 times the UK’s average speeds.

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